The Yellow Deli

For those of you who know me personally, you know that my love for food is irrefutable. And being the foodie that I am, I enjoy taking food pictures like it's nobody's business. (If you don't believe me, check out my personal Instagram account here: @lani_with_an_e | #lanistayshungry).

Last night, I did NOT want to cook - so the boyfriend and I decided to have a late night dinner at one of our favorites spots: The Yellow Deli. If you're ever in the North County San Diego area, this place is a MUST.

The atmosphere and the food are heavenly. The word "wanderlust" always comes to mind when visiting. The Deli serves fresh, organic, and local produce from their own ranch. They also have wood shops, in which they've created the beautiful doors and tables that make up the restaurant.


Their hand-lettered menus are just one of the MANY reasons why I love eating here.

I have a hard time straying away from my usual order that never disappoints: A bowl of their Prairie Chili that comes with a side of their jalapeno bread (below on the left) & le boyfren actually went with something different last night since it was cold outside and got a bowl of their tomato basil soup that came with a side of sun-dried tomato bread (below right).


And of course, I had to leave my mark ... ^_~ #laniletter