Meet Me Halfway

So I had no idea that today was "Administrative Professionals' Day" (let alone the fact that a day as such even existed) until about 2 days ago - when my sister asked me to hand draw a few encouraging quotes as gifts for her employees.

I worked on them all last night and the one quote that stuck out to me the most was one by an unknown author that states "The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway".

Although this hand drawn quote was meant to inspire others - it surfaced emotions of resentment towards those who don't meet me halfway. I tend to over extend my generosity at times, without any expectations. And this quote reminded me of the importance of compromise, without being compromising.



Creative Bliss

"What do you think an artist cares about? Does he think all day about fine wines and black tie affairs and what he's gonna say at the next after dinner speech? No, he lives only for that narcotic moment of creative bliss."

Creative Bliss

This quote is from the film "Art School Confidential" which was loosely based on the comic of the same name written by Daniel Clowes.

I remember watching this film years ago, when I was a design student, and relating to this particular quote on so many levels. Often times as artists, we lose motivation/inspiration, but once we feel that "narcotic moment of creative bliss" that they speak of in this scene (@ 0:38) - it is so precious and addictive that we don't want to let it go.

Hold onto your moments of creative bliss and enjoy the high for the long ride.